Is Inox Multiplex Hubli a reality? Or is it a dream? Or will it be a dream come true?

News reports have been suggesting that Inox is coming soon to Hubli. Lot of discussions have been happening at various forums regarding the status of the project.

Read this article to know the status of the Inox project in Hubli.

The Inox Story

The story begins on 7th April 2008 when a news report in Business Standard stated that Inox is looking at Tier 2 cities for its expansion plans. The report says that Inox plans to enter Hubli with a multiplex of 4-screens. The plan was to make the screens operational by March 2009 and developers were already signed for the project.

The news was confirmed by another report dated 30th September 2008 in India Real Estate News portal. As per this report, Inox will open multiplexes in Hubli, Belgaum and Mangalore.

The same was reiterated in an article in Business Line print edition dated 12th January 2010, which reported that Inox would focus on cities such as Ahmedabad, Jodhpur, Bhopal, Mangalore, Coimbatore, Kanpur, Hubli, Vishakhapatnam and Bhubaneswar.

Interestingly, Belgaum got Inox Chandan in the month of June 2010, as reported on All About Belgaum portal.

There has been no recent news on the Hubli Inox project. The INOX website states that "INOX Leisure Ltd. will continue its expansion into places like Jodhpur, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Mangalore, Coimbatore, Kanpur, Hubli and Bhuvaneshwar". No details are provided about the location and date of commencement.

Process Register (a website on construction projects) has some information on the Inox Multiplex Hubli project. The website reports the status of the Hubli Multiplex project as Active. The project is owned by Inox Group. However, there are not enough details about the project.

What Hubli has to say

The people of Hubli - Dharwad will surely have reason to rejoice when Inox opens in Hubli. Although there are good cinema halls in Hubli to watch movies, opening of a multiplex is a welcome step. Movie buffs will surely be happy to watch movies in a multiplex. Provided pricing is economical.

In a recent discussion on one of the forums, it was revealed that Inox project is confirmed and will be located at the Urban Oasis Mall.

Lets wait and watch.